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Salty Stays is the brainchild of Marion Taylor. Originally from Switzerland Marion is incredibly enthusiastic about customer service and high levels of attention to detail. These attributes are part of the culture that is summed up in the company motto “immaculate hospitality”.

Marion also runs a professional property care taking business on the Sunshine Coast specifically for ‘absent owners’, and in her past established and ran for many years two boutique travel agencies, selling both before moving to Noosa from Sydney.

Salty Stays is Marion’s passion, working with owners of beautiful properties to create a wonderful environment for her guests to enjoy, and ensuring that the owners homes are cared for and maintained to her own high standard. Uniquely and also most importantly, our cleaning staff are our own permanent full time employees, we do not use contract cleaners. So our staff get to know the properties intimately and ensure a consistent level of presentation, helping us to deliver “immaculate hospitality” every time, without compromise. We know you will notice a difference with us.

We invite you to get in touch with us personally, whether you are looking to find a holiday home to stay in or would like to talk about listing your property with us for holiday letting and care taking.

If you are thinking about holiday letting or moving from another letting agent we should also add that we are a little particular about the standard and types of properties that we manage and look after; Sorry if that sounds a bit fussy. But all our owners will and do attest to their delight at how well we care for and pay attention to their and their properties needs. We hope that we can be of service to you too. If you are interested in just our property care taking service please get in touch or visit www.saltandsand.com.au

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